» I'm not needy, but I enjoy intimacy...: My Horror Masterpost...



For those interested these are movies I liked.

  • May - 2002 American horror. I liked it because I watched it at an impressionable age and I wanted to be May.
  • Session 9 - 2001 American psychological horror. Creepy as…

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» I’m really tired again!!

I have no energy to clean so I’m just lying in bed uploading all of my comics to Mediafire so I can make a House of M masterpost. 

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» Re-Upping the Supernatural Links C:

I’m halfway through season one, surprisingly they’re going up fast I’ve only been at it for about ten minutes. 

Wish me luck x

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Your Supernatural masterpost was fantastic, but now all of the links are saying invalid :(

Hello my dear C: Sorry about that the guy who was hosting them has had his mediafire account suspended. 

I’m going to host them myself and will up the links as soon as possible. 

Sorry for the inconvenience x

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» Thinking of making a House of M Masterpost…

Would anyone be interested? 

I’m currently downloading them… I’d put them all in the correct reading order and shit. 

Just wondering like C: 

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