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Paralympic feels D: 

Everything makes me cry! 

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» Well that’s 12lbs of cheese and seven pineapples I’ll never see again… FAREWELL ALFREDO! GEORGE! AND SPINY.

From: prisonerofGISHWHESboattower <prisonerofgishwhesboattower@gishwhes.com>
To:  █  " <> 
Sent:  ,   August 2012,  █:  DM   

Subject: Re: Hola Chickadoodle…

Lady Reene,

I am thrilled you are sending super secret porcupines my way, but unless you trained them in ‘How to Take Out Gnomes Wearing Misha Masks 101’ I’m afraid they won’t get very far. The gnomes are vicious. They make me cry.


Anything prisonerofgishwhesboattower writes in this email has not been approved or sanctioned by GISHWHES or any souls in Conglomerated Ubiquitous Multinational, LLC. Prisonerofgishwhesboattower is not a representative, employee or pet of GISHWHES and is not responsible for any psychological, physical, emotional or metaphysical damages incurred by the content of these emails. Prisonerofgishwhesboattower is simply a prisoner in GISHWHES’s boattower. If there were one. Is there one? I don’t know. There could be one somewhere like in a parallel universe or something. Oh right. That makes sense.   For questions on this disclaimer contact Prisonerofgishwhesboattower@gishwhes.com.  Green apples are best under cotton. Good night.


From: █  " <>
To: prisonerofgishwhesboattower@gishwhes.com
Sent:  , August  , 2012  █: BM  

Subject: Hola Chickadoodle… 

Are they feeding you properly my dear? 

Fear not!  I’ve a well trained army of SUPER SECRET PORCUPINES scaling the walls of the Gishwish boat tower as we speak, their backs have been well stocked with cheeses of many flavours and pineapple of just one.
They should be with you soon buuuuut… In the highly likely scenario that they just eat the foodstuffs off of each others backs before collapsing into pineapple induced sugar comas; I should probably wish you luck with the whole starvation thing and advise you do as the Gishbot demands for your own safety! 

From the pen of,  

Miss ReeneLou, Porcupine Trainer Extraordinaire! 

Disclaimer: Mildly Talented Liar & Highly Respected FanGirl! 

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» I’m just casually stalking tumblr looking for Welsh GISHWHES(ians)…

Please feel free to answer any of my creepy messages with a resounding YES!! And we shall become friends!!!

Moostache twirling ensues… 

#NO I'M NOT NAKED IN THIS PIC STOP ASKING!!! #GISHWHES #2012 #Cardiff #Misha Collins

» Sorted my banners out…

Now they’re in steps :D Sorry to anyone who visited whilst I was sorting them out I know it must’ve looked horrific!! 

Those of you less than html inclined feel free to bombard me with questions and what not…  

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» Anyone in Wales taking part in GISHWHES?

Cause yeah! I need teammates! And I have no clue if you pick your own or if you get assigned a team and I’m SCARED!! BECAUSE I HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE WHAT I’M DOING!!

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» GISHWHES 2012 Fandom Banner…


Instructions on how to add it to you blog are here… 

Any problems please message me and I’ll do my best to help you add it to your blog! 

Please like if you’re gonna use this C: 

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I think GISHWHES banners are a wonderful idea. Count me in.

Ah yay!! I’m glad someone likes them :D 

Feel free to spam me with colour/background/font requests and I shall get on to them straight away! 

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» Does anyone fancy a GISHWHES 2012 Banner for their blog?

I’m thinking of making some and then when we find out our teams making a secondary one for your team number so people can identify you :D 

Check out my Banners link on my page to get a taste of what they’d look like. 

Requests are open! For colours and what not C: 

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» Registered with GISWISHES…


Anyone else in the uk playing? 

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» What the hell is Rio going to be like because I can’t imagine it being as amazing as this?

Seriously the Olympics should just stay here because we just did it so right.

I have so many feelings oh dear lord don’t let them take it away D:


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OMFG!! If David Tennant just popped out at the end and went “Oh am I late!?” .lskdhgd,lfhlglksdjhg .sfdh !!! osldjflsdfh gvadrpgovjd!!! WWANTTT!!!!!

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» Downloading the Lorax…

Anyone want a download link just hit me up C: 

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