After they’re married Stiles lose his wedding ring more times than he can count…

The first time they were on the Greek island Mykonos on their honeymoon and a mermaid wrestles it from his finger.

Stiles splutters out his indignation, whilst Derek strips and jumps into ocean after it, coming back with both a split lip and the thin gold band.

The second is genuinely not his fault! The damned Unicorn swallowed it off of his finger…

Rest assured Unicorn poop is neither rainbow coloured nor sparkly!

He takes to wearing it on a chain around his neck much to Derek’s chargrin. That’s how he manages to conceal it from the Witches until he’s being tied and bound in some fucking warehouse in the shipping district.

It’s spotted though, torn roughly from his neck and thrown into an honest to god freaking cauldron! Whilst they cackle about it being perfect for their cloaking spell.

It’s Scott who rescues him this time swearing never to leave him alone in a club again! Commiserating him on the fact that he’s does seem to be the one who gets hog tied the most often.

Stiles manages to retrieve the ring but the chain is a lost cause.

The last time he doesn’t realize for quite a while, finally noticing its absence whilst getting a glass of water during his habitual 3am trip to the kitchen. He groans in despair trying to retrace his steps earlier in the day…

There hadn’t been any battles with mythological creatures or magical beings it’d been as regular a Sunday as they’d ever had.

Derek finds him under the skin two hours later soaked in drain water a pipe wrench in hand spitting and cursing as it dripped onto his face and into his mouth in the end it was the u-bend that defeated him in the struggle to keep the damned thing on his finger!

Derek’s upset more than pissed and it makes Stiles feel like the butthole in the relationship, a title Derek normally holds unchallenged.

Finally reaching the shrewd conclusion that he may not be a jewelry person Stiles decides to opt for something a little more permanent and a lot harder to remove. 

He returns from the tattoo parlour confident in his choice, a Triquetra similar in origin to Derek’s Triskelion each point believed to signify the three promises of a relationship, love, honour, and protect completed with a circle to represent the everlasting bond between them, unbreakable and eternal.

Stiles stands in front of Derek showing him it for the first time “It’s swollen I know! But I’ve been assured it won’t stay all blotchy and weird” he tries to read Derek as the silence grows “If you hate it just tell me, lazer removal can’t be any more painful than the freaking tattoo wa-”

He’s cut off as Derek’s thumb brushed over the tender skin, followed by the delicate press of his lips.

“I love it” 

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