Worlds cutest!! #Puppies! #Champers

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"Yes Ma I’m sure I’m comfy!" #Dollythepup


My two babies chilling in the park C: #Dollythepup #Rowan #love #sunshine

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Wanda the #bichonfrise @kimberlelly

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Rowan and the Pups… #soundslike #folkband #familyfun

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The puppy whisperer! #bichonfrise #puppies #TheKid #KissyFluff #DollySo-Soft

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Princess Anna! Bernadette-Maries little pup pup! #bichonfrise #princessdress!

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» Totally wankered in this heat!

Rowan is pressing on with the cleaning I feel bad but it’s so warm D:

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Baby pupps just had their first bath!! Some were scared, some were fiesty! Some apparently were very thirsty! Snuggled up now on a “Stolen” Dressing gown. #bichonfrise #bathandbed! #lovethem

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Look at this sleepyhead! #bichonfrise #Rolo #cutiepie!

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Does it cost you a lot to prepare all his food, considering all the meat has to be extremely fresh etc? And how much do you spend on food a week for the family? Just curious!


Hey :) no it doesn’t cost too much and is definitely cheaper than buying lots of jars.
I must admit i am a bit of a lazy cook and most of the time i end up buying all the veg already peeled and chopped. It works out about 49p for a large bag of diced carrot and suede and the same for a bag of broccoli. To give you an idea on quantity…If i was to just cook and blend a bag of both it would probably fill 4 -5 jars. I also buy other chopped veg like carrot and peas or mixed mediterranean veg
Obviously you don’t have to buy them already chopped and peeled and its sometimes even cheaper to just buy the veg separate. The meat is a bit of a problem for me as i am an almost vegetarian….i do eat chicken and the odd bit of ham but i can’t even look at raw meat. I am getting better with it but i do find it hard when cooking meat. Therefore i buy packets of already cooked chicken and just add that in to the blender once i have cooked all the veg. I buy 1 or 2 packets of chicken for £1 - £2 each and that is usually enough for his weeks worth of meals. However i do use other meats also that i don’t eat as i would like him to be able to eat everything even though i don’t. Using already cooked chicken is just the same as cooking it yourself when making the weeks meals and then putting it in the fridge or freezer so this is not a problem. As mentioned above i also cook a pack of mixed mediterranean veg which is a little more expensive at 99p and i just add a few herbs and when blended it turns in to a tasty pasta sauce. I usually freeze/ refridgerate that, then when i come to feed him i heat it up and cook some cous cous and add the sauce to that. A bag of couse cous is very cheap and will last you ages to add with veg and sauce. I’ve had the same bag for a month now. If you make yourself something, just make a little extra and don’t add any salt/sugar and as long as it’s not full of fat you can just make some for your little one. So that doesn’t really cost you much more. The other thing i do is for dessert i buy tinned fruit in fruit juice NOT syrup. Then just pour all the fruit juice away and blend the fruit to make a nice dessert. Just fill an ice cube tray with the fruit puree and freeze it. Then pop out a few cubes as desired when needed and heat in microwave. A tin of fruit can cost around 40p - around £1 and 1 tin will do for a weeks worth of small desserts. Jars can cost around 50p + each and if you are to buy them for lunch and dinner + dessert every day for a week you will end up spending more.
Sorry for the long message but i hope this helps a bit. The meals i made today for the week probably cost me a total of £4. However depending on what you make you can spend less. Every time you can make something extra for the babba just freeze it and you will end up with a nice selection of meals at all times. Have a load of veg about to go out of date that you were supposed to eat? Just blend it and freeze it for another time. Don’t do what i did to begin with and only make meals when i ran out. Always good to keep stocked up even when you already have plenty of food stored away. Now my little guy can eat sandwhiches and finger foods for the odd meal so that obviously doesn’t cost much at all for some bread and cheese Etc. Changing to a cheaper shop for veg and meat etc can also really help! I now shop mainly at a shop called LIDL with the odd bit of veg from Morrisons.
Hope that helps and I haven’t bored you to death :) x

Wanna keep this for reference!

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» Well today is going shit.

Arguing with Rowan, feel sick, Babe keeps kicking me in the foof and I have raging heartburn/indigestion and I’m starving but have nothing to eat.

@sheandlife She fell asleep on Rowans dressing gown. Bless!

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She’s a right sook! #Dollythepup! #cutie #puppywearing

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