So wanna buy this dress for the Babe! How cute!

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» Been at my Mums since about one…

No one is helping me… And I mean no one… The fucking carpet is huge and heavy and full of dust but it’s fine I have to pick it up. Then cut the new carpet and lay it myself all while steam cleaning the filth out of the window frames and washing the walls and hoovering and doing everything else.

I just miss Rowan and I’m sad that no one even thinks to help me

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» Got so many questions on here!

I’m not ignoring you guys I’m just kinda tired atm! Will message you back my lovlies x

» I’m really tired and I feel like poop…

I can’t eat anything cos I’m dying of heartburn and I can’t buy any medication for it since I’m skint… Can’t get any on prescription since I’m moving and I won’t get a docs appointment in time.

God I’ve had such an uneventful pregnancy so far and now I just feel zonked out and poorly.

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» Spent the whole day in bed…

with crippling leg cramps and a dodgy belly and heartburn coming over me in waves.

I feel horrid D:

now time to get up and clean the kitchen before making something resembling dinner for Rowan.

I miss him so much when he’s at work it’s gross!

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I’ll try it only problem being I’m moving to a place that doesn’t get any Internet at all D: I know it’s naughty but i wanna torrent or download a good dvd or instructional set x

ah that's no problem! i totally get it, i was a little more blunt with my sister though but we're all different and i'm sure you'll figure it out. :) maybe chuck in a few nice accessories or something? i hope it all goes well! good luck :)

I’ve tried being blunt with her as I’m usually quite blunt with everyone but she just gets pissed and misses the point about me actually caring about her…

I messaged her asking for a girly day, shopping dinner and some pampering for her Bday so I’ll see what she says xx


i have the same problem (sorta) with my little sister. she doesn't wash her hair properly and constantly forgets to put deodorant on. I suggest maybe getting her a gift basket of hygiene products (like nice ones depending on budget e.g lush is really nice) along with something else for her birthday. i put emphasis on 'nice products' because it's harder to get offended at that?? it may also be her clothes in general if it lingers after you have contact. I hope this helps!

I just feel really bad even mentioning it cos she’s gorgeous and lovely but the smell is beyond offensive. 

I think she once used a crystal deodorant so I might try that and some face masks, body scrub and whatnot. Make having a shower a luxury rather than a chore!

It’s especially awkward since she’s actually going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment feeling down and I want to take her our and cheer her up and do lunch and girly shopping things cos I love her but her general appearance just embarrasses me, It’s not even that her clothes are old and unfashionable cos that’s what mine are like I get not having any money for new things, it’s that they’re dirty and don’t fit and when she does by things it’s in the wrong size so they look wrong from the get go. D: 

The worst thing is I know it’s affecting her and getting her down and it’s like a catch 22 you mention it she’s upset, you try to help she’s upset… 

I think a gift basket is a good idea C: 

Thanks hun! You helped I think I just needed to vent a little xx


» This may come off as entirely horrid but please read and help me! .

My sister is eleven months younger than me which means she’s going to be 23 on the 13th of July. 

She’s a stay at home Mum with an almost three year old daughter who is entirely gorgeous and the best tempered child ever! 

My problem is my sister smells… She smells really bad it’s like eye watering, she gets into the car or comes to hug me and I’m physically repulsed. God I love her but she’s honking.

I genuinely don’t know if it’s a hormonal issue or just poor hygiene but it smells like a mixture between ass and beef burgers… When she hugs you the smell remains on your clothing. 

And of course I’m moving back home so I’ll be seeing a lot more of her and so will my newborn daughter when she arrives as will Rowan’s Mother when she gets here. 

How can I broach the subject without offending or hurting her? She’s aware of it and people have in the past made nasty comments but I can’t even remember a time where she smelled nice or even just didn’t smell at all.

Are there any home remedies for foul body odour?  I know it sounds horrid but I can’t have her making my Babe smelly or as selfish as this sounds creating a poor impression on my MIL.

She has an active child and a house to run I get that but she’s overweight, wears clothing that doesn’t fit and has her arse hanging out all the time. She’s lovely and tbh my favorite sister but it’s getting me down being around her, I feel quite ill from the smell with my super pregnancy nose. D: and I just want to enjoy her company again and know that she’s taking proper care of herself. 

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Hi! I came across you on the pregblr tag. We're really close in due dates and we are both having girls! Just thought I'd be creepy! :D Lemme know on my blog if you ever wanna be online-mommy friends! ~thelittlefoxfamily

Hey hun thought I’d reply to this one C: 

I’m good apart from massive cramps in my legs this morning D: Was horrendous! 

I can only imagine what you saw in the pregblr tag lol I post so much shit! 

How’re you my dear? x


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» I’m having a lot of trouble sleeping since my job ended…

I think it’s due to lack of physical activity, I’m just not tired enough to sleep… So what I was wondering is if any of you Mums/Mommies know of any good pregnancy yoga or other exercise dvds I could download and do in my living room?

I need to do something to ease my aches and pains lol!  

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» Hello week 22!

Welcome back leg cramps! You’ve not been missed! 

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» Yeah, movement is a go!

She’s lying across ways I think cos I just got kicked on the both sides.

Holy shit did that donut make me feel ill D: Feels like I’m vibrating on sugar D:

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Not sure I’m glowing lol!

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