I'm not needy, but I enjoy intimacy...

Apr 24

Had a dream I had the baby and left him in Shoe Zone…

Like who does that?

I’m sick of dreaming tbh. Leaves me sleepy.

Apr 23


i want a fic about sansa getting married to loras and margaery to renly then when everyone else is asleep margaery and loras high five each other every night when they meet in the corridor whilst changing rooms and they live happily ever after

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Jaime Lannister -


Who had to stand outside the doors while Rhaella was raped and had to stop himself from stopping it.

Who was sickened by the thought of rape.

Who had to listen to his sister who he loved more than anyone else tell him her husband raped her repeatedly.

Who wanted the said man…

Lying on my bedroom floor…

I laughed, choked, struggled to get up whilst coughing and ended up sneezing, burping and crying all at once.

A reminder never to lie on the floor whilst pregnant when there’s no one else around.


Apr 21

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Another friend is pregnant

There is something in the water. I am only drinking tea for a while then

I have some alarming news for you in regard to one of the main ingredients in tea.

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Singing my lungs out haha! Feel like a kid  C:

Singing my lungs out haha! Feel like a kid C:

Cloth nappies peeps…

Need info, resourses and places to buy in bulk…

Help cause I really want to make a go of it.

Watched Bad Grampa with Rowan last night…

The whole thing was quite lame apart from the bit where they’re in the restaurant farting and the gramps sharts up the wall.

Omfg! I nearly died with laughter.

Farts are seriously the funniest things ever…


Friendly reminder that for the SPN season five premier, luciferiscoming trended worldwide, and P. Diddy freaked the fuck out and thought Satanists were coming onto Twitter, so he got the tag banned and trended godishere in response.

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A fever you can’t sweat out, full blast for my neighbours C:

I just don’t like them.

On a Fleetwood Mac binge…

Only three chores left…

•Put away washing
•Sweep kitchen floor

Send help. Pls

help please


What can I wear swimming that will hide all my lumps and bumps but also hides my thighs?
I have awful scars & I don’t want anyone to see.

Google Modest Swimwear, there’s some ugly ones but some plain cute ones if you look at sites like