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» NB prefolds and muslin nappies!!

How long roughly would prefolds and muslins with wraps last from nb onwards without boosting?

I have 24 prefolds, 12 muslins, 6 50x50 cotton terries. 7 nb cotton bottoms wraps, 4 ME Rikki wraps in small and 2 ME Airflow also in small and a whole heap of homemade liners I’m happy to throw away if they get ruined with poo!

Does this sound like a good amount? How long should I go between washes? Bearing in mind they’re super quick drying.

Tia x

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Okay… So I might have a slight overabundance of nappies. #clothnappies #FTM #totsbots #Fuzzibunz #Motherease #BambinoMio #LittleLambs #Alva #NappiNippas #Crazy…

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» Countdown…

Will be glad when this shitty fucking pregnancy is over and I’ll have a whole new set of reasons I can’t sleep.

Learn from my mistake! Keep your legs closed!

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» talk to me guys :)


What are you doing? Why are you not sleeping! You need rest

I feel like I’m not welcome in our bed and that I’ll disturb him if I go in there…

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» Confessions of a deluded fuckwit…

I’ve suffered with depression during this pregnancy, I’ve felt low and down and even thought about giving up my child at one point because I was convinced I would be no good for her.

I sat in the middle of a park slamming my fists into my chest screaming at my OH that he could fucking have her because I was obviously sick in the head and couldn’t cope.

I’ve since gone to my midwife and asked for a referral for some kind of help/counciling. I’m anxious and quick to anger and I feel so lonely and bored all the time. Nothing entertains me, I treat everyone around me as disposable and I’m really scared now that it’s to late to repair the damage I’ve done in our relationship…

It hurts so bad because I really love him and I don’t feel like I have any control over these episodes, I do however accept that they’re my issue and i’m working towards fixing it.

The problem is it’s not an immediate fix, I’m still irritable and moody and unresponsive… I can see myself hurting him but I can’t stop it.

I feel like crap and I just want a fucking hug if I’m being honest but he won’t give me one and to tell the truth I really don’t deserve it.

I’m so scared that nothing will get better and I’ll end up ruining three peoples lives.

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Number one is a normal baby number two is the alien living inside me!

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Got my #miosolo in the post today!! Was free all I paid was P&P! Love the colour and I can’t wait to put it on #BabyRosselloty :) #clothnappies #reusablenappies #bambinomio

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Rowan pretending he’s a boxer with Dotties nappy! #totsbots #prizefighter #teenyfit #clothnappies

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i find it so incredibly attractive when someone is really good at something, like you can play the violin? damn son. you’re a really talented dj? good for you! i don’t care if you talk to me about quantum physics for an hour straight if i can see the passion in you at some point in that hour i’ll think “whoa, this is really hot.” 

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On the left is my homemade liner!

On the right is the one that came with my tots bots v4 obviously not perfect but good enough for a wet wipe if they turn out to be useless as liners which I can’t imagine the would do.

Haven’t hemmed them as I really don’t see the point especially on black fabric but I’m planning on raiding primark for childrens fleecy jammies after christmas and I’ll defo hem those to make them look a bit more professional!

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» Starting my DIY cloth nappy journey now!!!

Going to be making my own terry cloth squares for when babe is about 8wks+ and the peeing starts to become a bit more uncontrollable till then I’m planning on using muslin squares with a motherease airflow wraps. I’ve yet to buy the terry cloth as I’m waiting on funds and the suppliers getting back to me.

So what I’m doing in the mean time is making my own fleece liners from old pjs! They’ve already been washed about a million times and I have heard so much praise for fleece liners as being great at wicking moisture away from little bottoms and keeping babe dry and secure.

Hopefully will be able to use them from newborn all the way through! And the best bit it they’re no sew because fleece doesn’t fray or get fucked like most fabrics :)

I’ve basically started with two pairs of tescos fleeced jammy bottoms I think they were two for £8 last winter and since I got s/m not xs they no longer fit Rowan so upcycling them seemed like a great idea.

I’m just unpicking all the stitching to maximise the amount of fabric I get from them and then laying the one prebought liner I do own on the fabric and cutting round it. I’m just making squares instead of shaped ones since they can then be used as wet wipes and tbh the ones shaped like panty liners kinda creep me out…

I’ll update with a few pics in a bit!

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Thank god they say it’s the thought that counts!! #handmade #knittedteddy #bitofadisaster!

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Baby Rosselloty seems to be quite comfy! Fingers crossed she stays put for the next 9wks! #BabyRosselloty #pregblr #31wks

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